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In Own Your Brilliance,

working mom, author, speaker, and Impostor Syndrome survivor

Michelle Gomez teaches you:

  • What the Imposter Syndrome is and how it has gotten in your way.
  • Ways of recognizing your own triggers of the Impostor Syndrome and working through them.
  • The difference between people who are impostors and those who are simply experiencing Impostor Syndrome patterns.
  • How to tap into your inherent value and find your voice.
  • How to position yourself with confidence and courage to pursue your goals without the fear of uncertainty.

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Michelle M. Gomez

Author & CEO

"To working women everywhere...I see you, I hear you, I am you. I know what it feels like to be the only woman, the only minority, and the youngest staff member seated at the table. It's intimidating, and difficult to advocate for yourself in a society that feels much more comfortable when a woman simply keeps quiet, doesn't rock the boat or ask questions. Well, that doesn't have to be YOU! May this book add value to your beautiful journey. Go and be great!"

Dr. Valerie Young



"In her from-the-heart book, Michelle Gomez speaks directly to the busy, often overwhelmed working wife and mother who doesn’t always recognize her own brilliance. Michelle knows this audience well. Through personal reflection of her own journey as a daughter, wife, mother, coach, and faithful Christian, Michelle-positively radiates her desire to use every tool at her disposal to help other women to realize their full potential both in their careers and lives. By the end of this book you’ll feel like you have a new best friend who has your back."